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Understanding is the power
to change your mindset.

Re-Frame & Transform
Your Beliefs

Why not…
change your life to be more…

• Resilient and take charge of your emotions in life and in work
• Be more aware and work towards what you truly want
• Communicate with confidence and positivity in all aspects of your life

• Resilient and take charge of your emotions in life and in work
• Be more aware and work towards what you truly want
• Communicate with confidence and positivity in all aspects of your life

Why not make….

• What is unfamiliar and change that mindset to be familiar
• Change the thoughts that control your feelings, control your actions to then control your events

Magdalena Therapy Methods

Three basic questions to ask yourself

Issues & Blocks

How Much Do You Want To Change

Hypnosis gets to the underlying root cause in your subconscious mind, to unblock your issues.


Our Happy Clients

I am so impressed with Magdalena in handling my issue. I was disturbed, as I self sabotage myself in my business and health. She was so through, patient in helping to discover my root cause of this issue, that disturbed me for more than 30 years.
After the session, I decided to put an action plan together and start to move towards my goals.
I am able to overcome my unconscious temptation of wanting to surf the net. I already see the result of the session and very excited to listen to the 21 day recording.

Aaron N. Singapore

Issue Resolved – Self Sabotage & Procrastination

December 2021
I was fortunate to meet Magdalena in a social setting. The reason I mention this is because I’ve always been a sceptic when it comes to hypnotherapy and for no reason other than I didn’t understand it. That is until of course until I met Magdalena. Her warm personality, caring attitude and genuine desire to help people was obvious in the first 20 minutes of conversation.
Having had a 25-year history of chronic sleeping issues I decided to bite the bullet. My challenge was not just falling asleep but waking up several times during the night and then not being able to get back to sleep. I was pleasantly surprised with the process. Magdalena made me feel both comfortable and confident at the same time and it was nothing like I had envisaged.
Fast forward a day, a week, 3 weeks. Not only am I not having a problem getting to sleep (every night) but when I wake up to visit the bathroom I go straight back to sleep. (Every single time) I was shocked at the transformation! No longer a sceptic I have referred 3 of my friends as I want them to be free of the ailments they are enduring. I questioned why I waited this long before seeking help and it was because I hadn’t met Magdalena yet! I am converted, happy and sleeping like a baby.

Helen, H. Sydney

Issue Resolved – Sleeping

February 2021
I have struggled with a fear of flying or things in general that I cannot control for years. So, I decided to approach someone about it. I am very fortunate that I know Magdalena personally from a few years ago, and she was always a very approachable, comforting and kind person. So when I found out this is what she does now, I went to her. I have done hypnotism before, so truthfully, I was a bit sceptical, but again, I trusted Magdalena.
While she was talking to me, and guiding me through the meditation (is how I would describe it), I felt emotional, I felt heavy with memories and fears, but coming out of it, I felt light and like a weight had been lifted off of me. She taught me how to try and deal with certain feelings, and it has definitely helped me in a certain situation, such as flying. I would recommend this therapy and Magdalena to people who also may have some deep-rooted fears or traumas. Thanks, Magdalena, for helping to know I am enough!

 Tamara N. Dubai

Issue Resolved – Fear Of Flying

December 2021
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