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Conquer Anxiety and all the Battles to Feel Calm, Confident to

Live Life

Does it matter what therapy?

Does it matter what therapy, as long, as it gives you the results?

Hypnosis is a safe, relaxed and stress-free state that will get to The Root Cause of your issue.

The results come from your unconscious mind, by questioning and investigating the issue it then reveals what, how and why your conscious mind has protected you with thoughts that have played a negative part in your life.

Are you ready to banish and let go of those negative thoughts, habits and feelings and truly Live Life and start living a Joyful, Fulfilling, Loving and Successful Life without the Anxiety, Sadness, and Hopelessness that those unwanted thoughts make you feel and do.

Life Starts Now

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Having had a 25-year history of chronic sleeping issues I decided to bite the bullet. My challenge was not just falling asleep but waking up several times during the night and then not being able to get back to sleep. Magdalena made me feel both comfortable and confident at the same time and it was nothing like I had envisaged. Fast forward a day, a week, 3 weeks. Not only am I not having a problem getting to sleep (every night) but when I wake up to visit the bathroom I go straight back to sleep. (Every single time) I was shocked at the transformation! I am converted, happy and sleeping like a baby.
Sydney, NSW
I had shoulder surgery almost 2 years ago, I still had niggling pain in my bicep. Having hypnotherapy as part of Magdalena's assisted stretching session, not only did she release that long-term pain, she also unblocked some limiting beliefs on what I was holding on to. Not only is my body more flexible, I felt lighter and was able to get on with those tasks I had been avoiding. So while the session was deeply relaxing, I actually got results in both my body and my mind. Magdalena made me feel both comfortable and confident at the same time and it was nothing like I had envisaged.
Noosa, Qld
I have struggled with a fear of flying or things in general that I cannot control for years. While she was talking to me, and guiding me through the meditation (is how I would describe it), I felt emotional, I felt heavy with memories and fears, but coming out of it, I felt light and like a weight had been lifted off of me. She taught me how to try and deal with certain feelings, and it has definitely helped me in certain situations, such as flying. I would recommend this therapy and Magdalena to people who also may have some deep-rooted fears or traumas.
Dubai, UAE
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