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Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Health Coaching
Lifestyle Medicine research has shown that up to 80% of chronic health issues can be reversed through comprehensive lifestyle changes and treating the cause. The 3-Step Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching Method Root-Cause Analysis You’ll discover your 6 Root-Causes (the WHY and HOW); exactly which specific stress trigger, emotion, belief & lifestyle habits are affecting your specific symptom; and where you are in the healing process (the 9 major points of phases of the self-healing). You’ll be utterly surprised….
Lifestyle Prescription
As a certified Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach, trained at the Lifestyle Prescriptions® University, I’ve seen pain, eczema, heart disease, headaches, diabetes, anxiety, fear, depression, and many other symptoms disappear. You’ll see results during your first session … New Habits with Lifestyle Prescriptions® You’ll receive a personalized, laser-sharp and root-cause-based Lifestyle Prescriptions® that engages you, increases awareness, and helps you create new healthy lifestyle habits. Just imagine where you will be and how you will feel in 90 days if you improve only 1% per day!

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