When people come to see me for issues like anxiety, depression, trauma or even weight issues, something has happened in their life that has given them a belief that having anxiety or depression is better than facing that emotional or physical event. The mind has given you an out, so the mind will come up with an issue so that you don’t need to deal with the trauma that had hurt you. Because the mind’s job is to take you away from that situation that was traumatic for you and replace it with another issue. Like Psoriasis, the weeping of the body. Rather than dealing with it emotionally, it will show up physically on the person.

So after a hypnosis session, a lot of emotions have been shifted and realised, brought up to the surface if you will… the subconscious has very kindly covered it up with anxiety, depression and so on… and even though it has been amazing, empowering and liberating journey and you feel incredible knowing and understanding the “WHY”. It doesn’t stop there.

Emotions don’t stop after hypnosis sessions. It is not an off and on switch. We still need to process the scenes and events that came up, a little like a ticking time bomb – it finally explodes but there is still ramifications and debris leftover from the blast and we need to still clean up and pick up those pieces.

A recent client of mine felt regret after her first session as it bought up unresolved issues, that she didn’t even realise that she had. Although it was a tough week or two post her first session. She is forever grateful to have been able to realise this was causing her pain without her even knowing it.

Even though I give a clear outline of the process and 3 follow-up calls to the client that is the following day, 7 days then 2 weeks. It is crucial that the client tells me how they are feeling, as strong as the client may feel or perhaps embarrassing it maybe I can then guide them through their emotions and give some incredible very transformational tasks that then can be replaced with more positive, powerful life-changing suggestions. As a trained therapist I can guide them through it and hold their hand and know that they are not alone in the journey anymore.

Hypnosis can be confronting initially for some people but the outcomes completely outweigh the initial pain that my clients sometimes have to confront. Hypnosis is the most effective treatment for unresolved issues and blocks. According to research by Alfred A. Barrios in 1970, hypnotherapy had an impressive 93% success rate after only 6 sessions. Behavioural therapy had a 72% success rate but you would require an average of 22 sessions. Finally, psychotherapy only had a 38% success rate but you would need a massive 600 sessions.

Hypnotherapy is the most successful therapy in Barrios’ conclusion for changing behaviours, habits and modifying thought patterns, as well as being the most successful and fastest way.

Thus, yes, you may experience some emotions post your sessions, but it is definitely worth the phenomenal extraordinary life-changing transformational effort, with an outcome that is a huge magical change not only for the client but also for the surrounding people, husband, wife, children, friends etc. What an amazing life will you lead for after for a little discomfort for a short period of time rather than a lifetime of pain, grief and unhappiness. Life on this planet is too short live it, be it and enjoy it…

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